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Strategically positioning your organisation within today’s competitive marketplace with an effective brand image is critical.

The attributes that are projected by this brand image need to position your brand in people’s minds as the most desirable. If the brand does not carry the power to achieve this, the level of communication effort needs to be greater to ensure the same results. To enhance your ROI, the better the level of visual brand appeal, the greater the chance is to lift both the brand’s awareness and its reputation.

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  • Brand & Visual Positioning

  • Branding – Investor Relations

  • Branding – Recruitment, Careers

  • Branding – New Products

  • Branding – Community Engagement

  • Branding – Internal/Cultural Change

Annual Reports

Your annual report is an effective way to build your reputation with investors.

Communicating with existing and potential shareholders via your annual, half yearly and quarterly reports, along with ASX announcements and presentations, is one of the most important aspects of investor relations. The information must be accurate, timely, and carry consistent messages in a way that not only meets legal obligations but projects a relevant and appealing brand image for the company as well.

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  • Annual Reports

  • Half Yearly Reports

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Strategic Plans

  • ASX Announcements

  • Presentations


Sustainability Reports

Designing a Sustainability Report to gain environmental approvals or as a vehicle to show the community how much progress is being made is clearly an art form. It must project your key attributes in a way that stands out from the crowd, and impart information in a logical and clear way.

A well designed and layed out Sustainability Report can help to improve people’s perception of your company. It is also a way of measuring performance over time to ensure progress is being made and areas for improvement are clearly identified.

A well designed Sustainability Report with that ‘bit extra’ – leads to far greater audience impact and appeal, thus influencing their opinions.

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  • Sustainability Reports

  • EIS Reports

  • OPP Reports

  • Feasibility Reports

Target & Bidder Statements

Takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and schemes of arrangement are part of corporate life. Executives will have a plan in place to cater for each type of situation should it arise. Presenting your case in an effective way will help to mould people’s opinions and help you to achieve the best outcomes for your company.

The power of a well designed Target or Bidders Statement, or a Scheme Booklet, will go a long way to ensuring your negotiation stance is not under-estimated by the other parties involved. To achieve your goal of ensuring either rejection of the original offer for a better one, or to present a takeover offer that is accepted for less than the target is worth, in what are usually extremely tight time frames, requires a document that will be well received.

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  • Target Statements

  • Bidder Statements

  • Scheme Booklets

  • Merger Agreements



Raising capital through initial Seed, then requiring more funds with an IPO, a Rights Issue or an Entitlement Offer to institutional, new and existing shareholders is an ongoing requirement if companies are to have a solid balance sheet that will reduce financial risk, enable planned CAPEX to be allocated, implement expansion plans and cover daily cash flow needs.

However, raising capital in today’s competitive environment is not an easy task. A Prospectus that strongly breaks through the surrounding noise and presents an exciting investment opportunity in an interesting way will help a company to achieve its capital adequacy requirements due to its greater visual appeal.

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  • Prospectuses

  • Information Memorandums

  • Capital Raising Offers

  • Presentations


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