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Our Approach

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Our Approach

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Branding Effectiveness

Insight’s ROI approach gives you a greater Return On Investment by making the branding and communication of your reports more effective.

Making the branding of your reports more effective is paramount and our ROI approach will help to build your brand’s recognition and reputation by addressing 3 Key Effectiveness Questions – brand positioning with key audiences, visual branding development, effective report design and production.

These 3 Key Questions are covered below.

How do I design an ideal brand image for my reports ?

Breaking through the intense competition for investors with capital requires a better visual brand image for your reports than the others. The diagram shows you the 4 Design Phases we go through to ensure your brand is effectively positioned through the design of an ideal brand image – one that will have strong appeal amongst your target audience for not only your reports, but all of your communication material.

How can I produce an effective report ?

An effective report will go through a 3 stage process that ensures the report – when it is delivered electronically and/or in print form – will be visually appealing and presents your company’s benefits and information in a logical and correct way – and, on time. If it isn’t, legal issues can arise and the first opportunity to enhance your brand’s reputation with stakeholders has been lost – and may never recover. Carefully project managing the design and production process to ensure the investment in the report is effective is extremely important.

How do I appeal to my target audience ?

A report will only be effective if it carries the right communication messages for your target audience. And – the target audience may differ slightly from one year to the next – depending on who you may wish to influence mostly by way of the report’s messages and visual appeal. The report will have the greatest ROI relative to the expenditure outlayed upon it if it is presented consistently year on year. Although the visual design may vary slightly each year it will need to portray the brand in a way that ensures it is consistent – that is, it looks like it came from the same stable, rather than be one that appears to have a radical change in the way it looks. Carefully project managing the communication and design process to ensure the report appeals to your prime target audience each year is fundamental.

ROI Approach

Insight uses its ROI Approach to ensure all of the branding and visual communication issues are considered in their strategic context. In other words, branding and communication that is designed to give you a Return On Investment.

Our ROI Approach movie presentation shows you how we can help to improve your business and build your brand’s recognition and reputation.

Click on the movie link to play Insight’s “ROI Approach”.

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